The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Goddess Cube guide

Faron Woods Locations

The Great Tree

At the Great Tree in Faron Woods, there are sections of land that are raised up on the trees roots to the east, south, and west sides. Go into the tree and exit the tunnel to the first landing outside, where there are three wooden platforms. Jump off the second platform to the right and you will land on one of these raised parts of land that also has a Goddess Cube on it.

Item Recovered: Rupee Medal

On another raised part of land, this Cube is more out in the open. Go to the east side of the tree and you will see the cube sitting in the middle of the area high atop the grass covered root. To get to it, you will need the clawshot and you’ll need to grapple to the target that is sneakily hidden to the right of the cube, under the root’s curl.

Item Recovered: Piece of Heart

For this cube, head up the Great Tree to the second outside area and walk to the North side where there is a wooden ledge outcropping. Jump off it to the east, and below there will be two raised pieces of land that are connected by a rope. Land on the closest part and cross the rope to the second land mass that will have the cube on it.

Item Recovered: Rupee Medal

Deep Woods

Once you enter the Deep Woods, the Goron there will introduce you to the Goddess Cubes, making this one is pretty hard to miss.

Item Recovered: Adventure Pouch Slot

Right after you get your first cube from speaking to the Goron, this one will be not too far away. Just hop down the ledge to the north and the cube will be just outside the Temple entrance.

Item Recovered: Heart Piece

Go through the Deep Woods to the Skyview Temple and make your way to the right of it. On the east side wall, near the stairs, there will be a patch of vines high up that you can grapple onto with the Clawshot. Do so and then climb up the next vine wall to find the cube hidden there.

Item Recovered: Treasure Medal

Skyview Temple

In the Skyview Temple, after defeating the boss and entering the Spring through the door, look behind the platform that the Spinning symbol is resting on to find the Goddess Cube in the water there.

Item Recovered: Gold Rupee

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