Legend of Dragoon's game-breaking bugs have been fixed six days after the classic JRPG's PS5 launch

The Legend of Dragoon
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Classic PS1 RPG Legend of Dragoon got its long-awaited re-release on modern consoles last week, but it's only now, six days later, that a patch has addressed the array of game-breaking bugs spoiling the initial experience.

The Legend of Dragoon patch hit the PS5 and PS4 versions of the game earlier today, and while there are apparently no official patch notes, fans have been collating the fixes on the game's subreddit (opens in new tab). In short, the audio bugs have been resolved, the blue visual glitches are gone, and the game no longer locks up when using certain spells. In other words, it's actually playable now.

Prior to this, using Dragoon magic - especially spells with multiple targets - would generally soft lock the battles, essentially preventing you from using one of the game's core combat mechanics. "Can confirm updated and used final burst, blossom storm, and astral drain IN A ROW! No soft lock," Reddit user drusstc says (opens in new tab), and that sentiment is broadly backed up by everyone who's checking in. As kopecs says (opens in new tab), "I would really like to thank the person/team that did the fixes. Honestly, that was faster than I expected."

These issues aren't well-documented, but apparently Legend of Dragoon suffered some similar bugs when you played the PS1 disc on a PS2 - at least according to the anecdotal reports of long-time fans. However, even those issues weren't nearly as prolific as what we've seen from this new re-release. Here's hoping that the next big PS1 classic is a bit more thoroughly tested before it lands on modern consoles.

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