Legaia 2: Dual Saga Cheats

Legaia 2: Dual Saga Cheats

  • PS2 | Submitted by DONNY-X

    Easy way to beat Zahatuls

    Ok the best way to beat these guys is to have a point card handy with up to 37,000 points on it.Trust me on this because i was level 41 and i still got my ass kicked. you need to have sharon's skylord hyper art and the giants fire storm hyper art THESE HELP!!!!!! when you win you should split the money with steil then you end up getting a bonus commission of $80,000 along with the 90,000 you are supposed to get. and if you don't know how to get this go to the hunters guild in Kravia

  • PS2 | Submitted by Sk8tr B0y

    Bosses Health's

    Bos's Name Health

    Avalon (Mortal) 69760
    Avalon (Resurrected) 257088
    Bubba 45248
    Elfin 2236
    Elliot 78239
    Gather Crab 1074
    Gorgoneon (Golden Giant) 140260
    Inferno 13246
    Infinite One 365856
    Marienne 91040
    Mighty Balken 1775
    Mountain Morg 896 (Origin Attack)
    Rauss (Black Swordsman) 84041
    Rauss 220297
    Raynof The Brave 28000
    Slogar 16763
    Storm Idol 45248
    Val Kenus 86028
    Val Kurtz 52217
    Val Zelph 142273
    Velna 46016
    Vestra 98880
    Wicked Crystal (Dark) 60808
    Wicked Crystal (Earth) 60808
    Wicked Crystal (Light) 60808
    Zoan Stoara 27338

  • PS2 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Easy Way To Beat Sir Raynoff

    When you battle Sir Raynoff don't bother fighting his dumb little red knight servants because they will never really die. And before you start fighting him, you should got to the medicine shop in the poor part of the town and buy a whole bunch of magic powders. That way you can keep on getting more magic to use you ORIGINS all the time, and when you can do that... well... it's a snap!

  • PS2 | Submitted by Daniel

    The Point Card

    Go to the wilderness of Nohl, go inside the house you start in. Go to the most right room in the house(Hawke's Room) and go inside. Go to the drawer and open it up.And there is the point card.

  • PS2 | Submitted by posse325gangster

    Amber sword

    When you battle Sir Raynoff, got to one of the stores on the poor part of the villige that is outside the castle. Go to the front desk (you must have the VIP card) and talk to the man behind the counter. He will ask if you came to buy. Say yes and the AMBER SWORD is listed with other items.

  • PS2 | Submitted by Steven Gunawan

    Ayne : Arts

    Soaring Axe (Variable 2): Press Left(2), Right(2), Down, Up
    Armageddon Star (Variable 1): Press Up, Down, Left(2), Right(2)
    Axe Crush (Hyper): Press Up, Left, Down, Left, Right
    Power Blade (Hyper): Press Down, Right, Down
    Raging Warrior (Hyper): Press Right, Up, Left, Up
    Firestorm (Hyper): Press Left, Down(2)
    Galeforce (Hyper): Press Left(2), Up
    Solid Blow (Hyper): Press Down, Right(2)
    Full Impact: Press Right, Left, Up, Down
    Tidal Wave: Press Up, Right, Down, Left
    Shockforce: Press Down, Right, Left
    Whirlwind Attack: Press Left, Down, Up
    Earthrazor: Press Right, Up, Down
    Disaster Master: Press Up, Left, Right

  • PS2 | Submitted by Steven Gunawan

    Maya : Arts

    Wind Blade: Press Right, Left, Up
    Thunderhead: Press Right, Up, Left
    Bed Rock Buster: Press Down, Right, Down
    Dark Disaster: Press Down(2), Up
    Ice Floe: Press Up, Right, Right
    Blind Fury: Press Left, Up, Right
    Inferno: Press Left, Down, Left
    Magma Mayhem: Press Left(3), Down
    Nova Heat: Press Left, Up(2), Left
    Aqua Spear: Press Right, Down, Up, Right
    Ice Pyre: Press Right(2), Down(2)
    Toxic Cloud (Super): Press Right, Up, Down
    Sky Splitter (Super): Press Left(2), Right, Left
    Blizzard Blast (Super): Press Up(2), Right, Up
    Gravity Crush (Super): Press Down, Up, Down(2)
    Ballistic Light (Super): Press Down(2), Left(2)
    Spirit Storm (Super): Press Up, Right, Up, Right
    Meteor Storm (Super): Press Down, Left(3), Right
    Big Bang (Hyper): Press Down, Up, Right, Left
    Absolute Zero (Hyper): Press Right(4)
    Dust to Dust (Hyper): Press Down(4)
    Raging Sky (Hyper): Press Up(4)
    Dancing Flames (Hyper): Press Left(5)
    Nether Gate (Hyper): Press Down, Up, Left, Right, Down, Down
    (O) Pyro Fury (Variable): Press Right, Left, Left, Up, Down, Right
    (F) Shockwave (Variable): Press Left, Right, Down, Up, Down, Right
    Forbidden Rite (Mystic): Press Down, Up, Right, Down, Up, Left, Down

  • PS2 | Submitted by Steven Gunawan

    Kazan : Arts

    Lightning Kick (16): Press Left, Up, Down
    Critical Thrust (16): Press Up, Right, Right
    Moon Splitter (16): Press Down, Left, Right
    Double Kick (20): Press Down, Up, Up, Up
    Double Fists (20): Press Down, Down, Down, Up
    Jaw Buster (20): Press Right, Right, Up, Up
    Goblin Dance (20): Press Right, Right, Left, Right
    Fever Wind (24): Press Down, Left, Left, Down, Right
    Aerial Attack (-24; Super): Press Left, Right, Down, Up
    Iron Fists (-24; Super): Press Up, Right, Left, Left
    Deadly Hands (-24; Super): Press Up, Down, Right, Up
    Cannon Blast (-32; Super): Press Up, Up, Left, Down, Right
    Fists Of Rage (-30; Hyper): Press Left, Left, Left
    Fists Of Glory (-40; Hyper): Press Left, Left, Right, Left
    Earth Shaker (-40; Hyper): Press Right, Left, Up, Up
    Hyper Blast (-50; Hyper): Press Up, Left, Right, Down, Down
    Sky Shaker (-50; Hyper): Press Up, Left, Right, Up, Down
    Ultimate Fury (-60; Hyper): Press Up, Left, Right, Left, Down, Down
    Fatal Impact (-80; Variable): Press Right, Right, Left, Left, Down, Up
    Demon Crusher (-80; Variable): Press Up, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left
    Fists Of Stone (-100; Mystic): Press Down, Right, Left, Up, Right, Left, Down

  • PS2 | Submitted by Steven Gunawan

    Sharon : Arts

    Slay Cutlass: Press Right, Left, Up.
    Spike Anchor: Press Up, Down, Right.
    Riot Flag: Press Up, Left(2), Up.
    Bloody Fang: Press Left, Up, Down, Left.
    Rumble Spike: Press Left, Up(3).
    Rising Stars: Press Right, Down, Right(2).
    Range Wave: Press Down, Right, Down, Left.
    Rave Storm: Press Down, Up, Right, Left, Right.
    Blood Spark: Press Down, Right, Left, Right, Up.
    Fear Galgarin (Super): Press Left(2), Down.
    Crescent Heel (Super): Press Up(2), Right(2).
    Spiral Blade (Super): Press Left(2), Right, Up.
    Peach Surprise (Super): Press Down, Up, Down, Left.
    Surf Divide (Super): Press Right, Left, Down(2).
    Fearful Arc (Hyper): Press Left, Right(2).
    Merciful Arc (Hyper): Press Right, Up, Left, Down.
    Lord of Eden (Hyper): Press Left, Right, Left, Right.
    Sky Lord (Hyper): Press Left, Right, Down, Left, Right.
    Windmill Rose (Hyper): Press Down, Up(4).
    Detonating Rose (Hyper): Press Down(3), Up(3).
    Splash Rave (Variable A): Press Down(2), Left, Right, Up(2).
    Phantom Burst (Variable B): Press Left, Down, Up, Right, Down, Right.
    Apokolips (Mystic) : Press Up, Down, Left, Right, Up, Down, Up.

  • PS2 | Submitted by GamesRadar


    At the title screen don't press any buttons for 1 minute and a special movie will play

  • PS2 | Submitted by Steven Gunawan

    Lang : Arts

    Blue Moon Buster: Press Right, Down, Right
    Hawk Strike: Press Left, Down(2)
    Blade Dance: Press Down, Left(2)
    Mountain Crusher: Press Up, Right, Up
    Thunder Flash: Press Down(3)
    Demon Thrust: Press Down(3), Up
    Shadow Split: Press Left, Right, Up, Left
    Chaos Strike: Press Up, Down, Right, Up
    Wind Blade: Press Left, Right, Down, Up, Left
    Battle Flash: Press Up, Down(2), Left, Right
    Rabid Attack: Press Down, Up, Down, Left, Right
    Sand Storm (Super): Press Right, Left, Right
    Red Whirlwind (Super): Press Down, Up(2), Left
    True Moon Slash (Super): Press Up, Down(2), Up
    Thunder Moon (Super): Press Up(2), Right(2)
    Moon Flower (Super): Press Right, Left, Down, Left, Right
    Raging Fang (Hyper): Press Up, Down, Up
    Roaring Fang (Hyper): Press Up, Right, Left, Up
    Divine Bolt (Hyper): Press Up, Down(2), Right
    Sky Fang (Hyper): Press Up, Down, Right, Left, Up
    Thunder Sky (Hyper): Press Down, Left, Down, Right, Up
    Sleeping Dragon (Hyper): Press Left, Up, Right, Left, Down, Up
    Airborne Fury (Variable): Press Down, Left, Up, Right, Down, Left
    Solid Strike (Variable): Press Left, Right, Left, Down, Up, Down

  • PS2 | Submitted by Alleniod SF


    Normal combos build up AP. SUPERs and HYPERs require a certain amount of AP. SUPER, HYPER,
    and normal arts may all be linked (if the last one or two moves of one are the first one or
    two moves of the next). Maya cannot link any of her Arts (each is an individual
    incantation.) Variables require two characters, who both must have at least 80 AP. One
    character will perform their (A) move, the other character will perform their (B) move- for
    example, Maya will perform "Pyro Fury" and Kazan will perform "Fatal Impact" to create a
    combined attack. Any character's "A" half will link with any other character's "B" half.
    MYSTIC arts can only be performed when the character has 100 AP, at least 100 MP, and is
    below half health as well.
    Notes on chaining Arts- Normal Arts can be chained to the end of HYPER Arts, but HYPER Arts
    can not be chained to the end of Normals or other HYPERs. SUPER Arts can be chained to the
    end of Normal and HYPER Arts.
    I added character Special Abilities as an afterthought, since each character has a unique
    one. These can only be activated when the character has the Special Ability skill (most
    easily found on the Wisdom Bangle) equipped as a Defensive Skill, and Guards for a round.