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Leaked Silent Hill images have been seemingly confirmed by an actor on the project

Silent Hill
(Image credit: Konami)

An actor might have just confirmed the recent Silent Hill leaked images as legitimate and revealed their involvement in the project.

Last week, a series of images apparently from an unannounced Silent Hill project leaked online from a storied leaker. Now, Brazilian/Lebanese actor Fadile Waked has commented on the leaked images via her Instagram (opens in new tab) page, writing that she keeps "getting messages" after her "pics leaked everywhere."

The "pics" Waked seems to be referencing are shots of a character in the leaked Silent Hill images, which Waked herself highlights in her Instagram post. It seems as though Waked is confirming that she is at least involved with the depicted character in some way, potentially via facial performance, motion capture, or voiceover work.

Over on Reddit (opens in new tab), there's apparently been a guessing game going on since the leak last week as to who was portraying the character seen in the leaked images. Supposedly, a vast number of people guessed that Waked was the actor behind the new character, who now think they've been proven correct by the actor's comments.

Following on from the leaked images was a report yesterday which claimed that there are multiple Silent Hill games in development. The projects apparently include a remake of Silent Hill 2, a new mainline game in development for the series, and finally a P.T.-style demo, of which Waked's character is apparently a part of.

Supposedly, publisher Konami was meant to hold a big reveal for the revival of the horror franchise last year at E3 2021 in June, but pulled out for unknown reasons. This is apparently the common thread connecting all the projects together, according to the report, seemingly lending it a sense of legitimacy. 

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