Latest Red Dead Online update brings PS4-exclusive content to all players and buffs Ability Card XP

(Image credit: Bungie)

Earlier this May, Red Dead Online added the Ancient Tomahawk weapon and a Make It Count Showdown Mode to go with it, not to mention the Perlino Andalusian horse, a nifty outfit, and some emotes. As part of the mode's latest update, this content was made available to players on Xbox One as well. Xbox players also now have access to the free-for-all Last Stand mode. 

The update also introduced some all-new content in addition to reintroduced stuff. Players have some more clothes, for starters: the appealingly modest Common Flat Cap and Horsfall Overshirt. Inexplicably elaborate names aside, these are two of the few Red Dead Online clothing items I think I'd actually wear in real life. For flashier wear, try on the new bison Griffith Chaps, brass-buttoned Charro Jacket, leather Clymene Coat, or Vaquero Baroque Spurs. Vaquero Baroque, what a mouthful. 

Fashion aside, players will also benefit from boosted Ability Card XP this week. Dead Eye and Passive cards will earn 20% more XP in all activities. Special saddles will also be available more cheaply, and all horses above rank 41 will be available at rank 40. Likewise, hats of rank 30 and higher will be available at rank 10. 

On the heels of these changes, Rockstar discussed some of the improvements it's working on for the next big update. These include appearance resets that don't affect character progression and saved Playing Style loadouts for different modes. 

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