LA Noire launches on PC today

Having waited out a lengthy pre-release campaign, blockbuster launch, and even the closure of the game's original studio, PC owners finally have their chance to wander the streets of Rockstar's LA Noire today with the release of the game's Complete Edition. Here's the launch trailer for the game, with all those explosions and pensive glances coming straight from in-game footage.

We got handsy with the LA Noire Complete Edition recently, and were impressed by the game's hi-rez graphics, immersive 3D and generous complement of content that console owners paid extra for. That's saying nothing of its irresistible ability to get players talking like hard-boiled City of Angels flatfoots, a gas you can dig all you please - provided you can find some shitbird willing to fence you the prize. Um, that means the game's in stores now.