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Kojima Productions could announce its next game "quite soon," says art director

Kojima Productions
(Image credit: Kojima Productions)

Kojima Productions' next game after 2019's Death Stranding was confirmed to be in development back in October, and it sounds like it could be revealed any time now.

Death Stranding art director and longtime Kojima collaborator Yoji Shinkawa recently sat down with AI Hub (via VGC) and was asked if he could share anything about his next project. "Well yeah, I am doing something, for sure, and I could tell you probably that we can announce it quite soon," Shinkawa teased, without going further into specifics.

Back in October, a fresh batch of job listings confirmed Kojima Productions' next game after months of teases. We haven't heard anything about the project since, but the job descriptions mention "mechas" and seem to suggest some form of online multiplayer component. 

Digging a little further back to September 2019, Kojima teased the possibility of a Death Stranding sequel, and then in March Norman Reedus said he'd already been in talks with Kojima for another project. A few months later, Kojima again teased a new project that seemed to be related to Death Stranding. For those reasons, Death Stranding 2 doesn't seem so far-fetched, but then we've also got a tweet from November 2019 implying that Kojima plans on making "the scariest horror game," so really it's all pretty up in the air at the moment. Fortunately, it doesn't sound like we'll be waiting long to see what Kojima Productions has up its sleeve.

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