Norman Reedus is already "in talks to do other stuff" with Hideo Kojima

(Image credit: Kojima Productions)

Norman Reedus and Hideo Kojima are already talking about their next project after last year's release of Death Stranding, Reedus has confirmed in a new auto-complete interview with Wired. 

In an answer to a question about how he got cast as the main star of Kojima Productions' debut title, Reedus acknowledged that "We did Death Stranding which was a huge hit" before casually revealing that he and Kojima are currently "in talks to do other stuff." You can find it at the 4:55 mark in the video below.

Reedus also hints at potential Death Stranding DLC in the interview (found around the 8:15 mark), confirming that he's "talking to Hideo about maybe doing some Death Stranding stuff", even after the game released last year.

This could, of course, be referring to new content for the upcoming Death Stranding PC release, or simply more promotional panels and fireside chats later this year, but the haziness of Reedus' comments certainly leave room for the imagination to run wild. 

There are, of course, still rumours of a new Silent Hill game in the works, which Reedus was originally set to star in as part of Kojima's reboot before all that business with Konami. Could that canned project be back on the cards with Reedus in tow? 

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