Kirsten Dunst joining Cities

Elizabethtown co-stars Kirsten Dunst and Orlando Bloom are set to reunite for Roger Donaldson’s upcoming financial thriller Cities , once again playing a young couple in love.

With the film set across a trio of global locales, Dunst and Bloom will feature in the London-based segment, as a pair of first-time-buyers looking to get a foot on the property ladder. Given that this is a film about economic strife and white-collar crime, we don’t fancy their chances much.

Clive Owen has already signed on to the project, and will star as a hedge fund manager in New York whose primary appetites for sex and cash know no bounds. He’s joined by Anil Kapoor, who plays a crooked Mumbai cop involved in a property scam of his own.

Naturally, the three plot strands will interweave as one character’s actions have knock-on consequences for the next. Glenn Wilhilde, one-time producer on TV’s The Royle Family , has written the script.

Cities is very much a movie for our time,” says Donaldson in the official PR burble. “The subjects of greed and money and their impact on our everyday lives surround us constantly and Cities is a movie that will explore this in a dramatic way with tension and excitement at every turn.”

The project has begun filming, with a 2012 release date currently on the cards. Meanwhile, Donaldson’s next film, the Nic Cage thriller Justice , arrives in UK cinemas in a few weeks' time.

George Wales

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