Kingdom Come Deliverance sequel could be revealed at E3 2021

kingdom come deliverance official artwork
(Image credit: Warhorse Studios)

A Kingdom Come Deliverance sequel could be revealed this week after clues begin to emerge on a live-stream countdown.

Warhorse Studios could be announcing something related to Kingdom Come Deliverance during the E3 2021 Koch Media showcase after clues that seem medieval-themed have been noticed by viewers on Reddit. Last week, Deep Silver, confirmed that its parent company Koch Media will be at the Summer Game Fest, but Metro and Dead Island won't be. It also pointed users toward a "We know something you don't know" site, that at the time of reporting, was blank. Since then, however, there have been some developments.

The website now shows a live video feed of an office with a timecode counting down until the event. As time has progressed, some clues have been brought into the scene. On a cubic bookshelf, there is now a crown, a mace, and some small items. There's also a miniature coffin on the chair. Seeing as the game's publisher Deep Silver is under the Koch Media banner, it certainly seems like it could be a Kingdom Come Deliverance sequel.

To add more to the speculation, Warhorse Studios' international PR Manager, Tobias Stolz-Zwilling has tweeted that "this week will be packed!" Additionally, the official Warhorse Studios Twitter account has been liking a bunch of tweets from users calling for a Kingdom Come Deliverance sequel. Koch Media's event will be happening on June 11 at 12pm PT / 3pm ET / 8pm BST.

Of course, this is all speculation, and while a sequel certainly seems possible, there's also a Kingdom Come Deliverance live-action adaptation reportedly in the works. This project is apparently being worked on with Warhorse Studios and former Netflix executive, Erik Barmack, who has produced a number of TV series since departing the streaming service. 

Even if a Kingdom Come sequel doesn't rear its head at E3 this year, as of last year publishers Deep Silver and THQ Nordic have 69 unannounced titles in the works, so we can absolutely expect some form of surprise to be revealed this week.

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