Killzone multiplayer shots liberated

This fresh batch of screens from Killzone: Liberation, the PSP-bound outing for Sony's future-war blaster, gives us a sneak peek of two of the game's best features - the multiplayer ad-hoc mode and the single-player squad-command system. Hit the Images tab above to see more.

When it hits on Halloween, Killzone: Liberation will feature six-player ad-hoc deathmatch, team deathmatch, assault and capture the flag modes, as well as a brilliant two-player co-op mode that'll enable you to fight through the whole game alongside a friend. After our brief time with it, we can say that Liberation's multiplayer promises to be enjoyably snappy.

In the screens showing the single-player squad system, you can see how Liberation's straightforward commands help you direct your buddies in action. Hit the command button and the fighting slows to a crawl, giving you time to pick out specific targets or positions for your squad without pausing the danger around you, keeping the battles tactical but tense.

October 9, 2006

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