Kena fishing shrine puzzle and solution

Kena Bridge of Spirits fishing shrine
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The Kena fishing shrine puzzle is an oddly tricky challenge as it isn't clear what you need to do to purify the area. Plenty of people have got stuck here as it uses a mechanics and signposting that aren't clearly introduced or taught. So if it's not clicking we made this guide to help you find the solution to the Kena fishing shrine puzzle so you can purify it, restore it and move on. All you need is this guide and your spirit bow which you should have received on your journey to this point.

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Kena fishing shrine puzzle solution

Kena Bridge of Spirits fishing shrine puzzle solution

(Image credit: Ember Lab)

To purify the fishing shrine in Kena Bridge of Spirits, players need to stand at the base of the Deadzone Heart flower and trigger a Pulse. This will light the candles at the shrine, but in a specific order, not all at once. The order is as follows:

  1. Top right
  2. Bottom left
  3. Bottom right
  4. Top left

This marks out the order in which you have to shoot the four glowing blue stones that surround the shrine with your bow. This information is also reflected by the fact that the candles are in clusters that go up - one candle, two candles, three candles, then finally four candles. If we assume the fishing shrine and the Deadzone Heart are the “top”, that means you have to shoot the pillars in this order:

  1. Just to the right of the shrine on a mossy rock
  2. Behind you, across the river on the left (though it’ll be on your right when you turn around)
  3. Across the opposite river behind you and on the right, in the darker section of forest
  4. On the left side of the shrine, just across the water

Shoot the correct one and it’ll generate blue sparks each time. However, get the order wrong, and it’ll be reset as you’re attacked by enemies. Once you have the order right, the Heart will open up, giving you the chance to purify it with the Rot as usual. Follow all these steps, and you’ll successfully purify the fishing shrine and get to move forward in the story.

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