How to find Rot hats in Kena and wear them

Kena Bridge of Spirits hat chest
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Knowing where to find all Rot hats in Kena is obviously the most important thing in Bridge of Spirits. You can find and equip lots of different hats on Rot minions, and some of them are adorable. Having a little army of fully customised forest spirits following you around is just the best thing. But finding Rot hats isn’t easy, as some are really well hidden and it's not immediately obviously clear how you find and equip them all. For that reason, we’ve put together a full guide on how you can customise your friends by finding Rot hats in Kena across the world and equipping them. 

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How to find Rot hats in Kena

Kena Bridge of Spirits chest with Rot hat

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To find Rot hats in Kena Bridge of Spirits, players will need to search the world for optional chests found around the map. There’s lots of them hidden and the map will actually helpfully point out how many there are in a single area. You should hunt for them in the same way that you hunt for any collectible: look for optional areas, unsolved puzzles or paths you haven’t taken. 

For example, there’s a free one early on that’s a gimme - in the middle of the village, right next to the little market stall. Interact with it to open it and you’ll get the Pot hat, which when equipped puts a little bowl on your Rot’s head. However, to do that, you’ll need to actually equip the new hat.

How to equip and wear Rot hats

Kena Bridge of Spirits hat shop

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To equip any Rot hats you’ve found, you need to actually head to that very market stall in the middle of the village, right next to the chest you found the Pot hat in. Walk around to the front and interact with it to open up a shop menu. Here you can spend your blue crystals to buy new hats, and use R1/L1 to open up the Equip Hats menu, where you select customisation options for your Rot based on whatever cosmetics you’ve unlocked. You can even edit and customise them individually, though you have a limited number of hats. For example, if you have ten Rot following you, but only five hats, then you can equip those five individually and the rest will have to go bare-headed until you find or buy some more. You'll find more of these Rot hat stalls as you explore and you'll always unlock a new hat when you do.

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