Keanu Reeves comic book Brzrkr getting a live-action film and an anime on Netflix

Keanu Reeves in John Wick.
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There's no such thing as too much Keanu Reeves, and he's ready to expand his horizons into anime with BOOM! Studios' comic series Brzrkr.

Reeves will take on two projects for Netflix. The first will be a live-action film of the franchise, in which Reeves will both star and produce. The film will be followed by a 12-episode limited series. Both stories focus around 'B', a half-mortal, half-god cursed to a life of violence. The mysterious B does find some solace after centuries on Earth when he joins forces with the US government to take on battles too dangerous for your run of the mill soldiers. As payment, the lead is promised answers to his cursed existence.

While BOOM! Studios' comic isn't terribly old – it was just released on March 3 – it's already been a tremendous success for the publisher. At 615,000 copies sold already, the book is the highest-selling debut in nearly 30 years. In short, it's no wonder Netflix decided to jump on the Brzrkr train almost immediately. 

Reeves was also tied to the book itself, making his comic book debut alongside New York Times bestselling author Matt Kindt and renowned Marvel artist Ron Garney. The story  Colors and letters were done by Bill Crabtree and Clem Robins respectively, with character designs and covers handled by Rafael Grampá. The book itself will run for 12 issues prior to the film and series releases.

Both the film and the anime series will be produced by BOOM! Studios' Ross Richie and Stephen Christy, Keanu Reeves, and Company Films' Stephen Hamel. Adam Yoelin, also a member of BOOM! Studios, will executive produce. Handily the Brzrkr main character looks just like him...

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