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Zack Snyder teases a Justice League Snyder Cut story change involving the DCEU’s Robin

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Zack Snyder has taken to social media to tease more about the Justice League Snyder Cut (opens in new tab), specifically one DCEU mystery that could potentially be covered in more detail in the 2021 HBO Max release.

“Did you have plans to dive deeper into the background of [Dick Grayson’s] death in your future movies? Maybe [Justice League]?” fan Maroof Husain asked on Vero (via CBR (opens in new tab)). Snyder’s tantalising reply? “A hint” will be in his version of Justice League (opens in new tab).

Robin has been conspicuous by his absence in the DCEU series of movies. His suit was displayed, complete with mocking Joker graffiti, in Suicide Squad (opens in new tab), while Ben Affleck’s Batman continues to reflect on the loss of his sidekick in Batman v Superman. (opens in new tab)

Even more interesting – unless Snyder misread the question – is that it was Dick Grayson who died, not Jason Todd.

In the comics, Todd famously met his end at the hands of Joker and a crowbar. Grayson dying not only shakes up that re-telling of the story, but leaves the possibility of Jason Todd (or another Robin) to step into the green-and-red get-up of the Boy Wonder.

That, in fact, may have been the original plan. Back in 2018, when the Snyder Cut was still a hashtag and not a reality, Snyder teased that he had plans for Robin (H/T (opens in new tab)). Those plans involved Grayson’s Robin staying dead and Carrie Kelley taking over the mantle.

While we’re unlikely to see the future of Robin mapped out in the DCEU – at least not in the way Snyder would have hoped – we might at least see one iteration’s final day, and the moment that broke Batman, in the upcoming Snyder Cut.

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