Justice League could be directed by the Wachowskis

Justice League may have found a pair of directors in the form of The Matrix filmmakers Andy and Lana Wachowski.

The duo most famous for rejuvenating the sci-fi genre on the cusp of the Noughties have just completed work on their ambitious book adaptation Cloud Atlas .

And Warner Bros is apparently so thrilled with their work that the Wachowskis are now serious contenders for directing the WB’s Justice League movie.

Meanwhile, Ben Affleck confirmed to 24 Hours that he definitely won’t be directing the film, despite rumours of his pending involvement.

“I'm not working on the Justice League ,” Affleck said. “One of the problems with entertainment web sites is that they need to fill pages, and that's how rumours get started.”

He did add, though, that “ Justice League sounds really exciting, but it's not something I'm working on”.

Will Beall is currently writing the Justice League script, which should unite the multi-coloured likes of Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Batman and The Flash.

Prior to Cloud Atlas, The Wachowskis directed Speed Racer in 2008, which became one of the year’s biggest flops.

There’s no denying they have an eye for fantastic visuals, though, so with the right script, they could make something really special with Justice League.

Cloud Atlas opens in cinemas on 22 March 2013.

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