Just Cause, Rage 2 studio reveals harrowing teaser for new game

The studio behind Just Cause, Rage 2, and 2019's Generation Zero are working on a chilling new game. You can check out the new teaser above, but make sure your speakers are turned down a notch for the surprise ending.

A teaser in the truest sense, there isn't much to draw from here. We see a blizzarding scene closing in on a dark cave. The faint sounds of gunfire can be heard behind the slowly-amplifying weather before the words "stay tuned" appear. Then we're thrown into the bloody first-person perspective of someone with a big gun who appears to be struggling against an unseen monster, and then the teaser ends.

What we can gather from the footage is that the new game will likely be a first-person shooter with some sci-fi/creature horror elements. Back in October, I wrote about job listings at Avalanche Studios calling for applicants with "in depth knowledge of game engine architectures and next generation console architectures and future architectural trends." Given the timing, there's a good chance some of those applicants are working on the new game seen in the teaser, and that it will release on PS5 and Xbox Series X.

The currently unnamed game is being developed out of Systemic Reaction, one of three studios now under the Avalanche umbrella. Systemic was the studio responsible for Generation Zero, which Avalanche Studios self-published. If that's any indication, we could be in for another highly-atmospheric open-world co-op romp.

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Jordan Gerblick

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