A next gen game is reportedly in development by Rage 2 and Just Cause studio

(Image credit: GameWatcher)

The studio behind Rage 2 and the Just Cause franchise is working on a new game for the next generation of consoles and PC, according to new job listings posted by triple AAA developer Avalanche Studios. One of the job postings specifically mentioning next gen consoles is for Build Engineer at the studio's New York spot and involves heading up a team dedicated to "building and managing a large and complex code base for diverse platforms as well as enormous amounts of data."

From the looks of it, the next game from Avalanche Studios is an ambitious project intended to take full advantage of next-gen hardware, as a separate listing for Engine Programmer requires applicants to have an "in depth knowledge of game engine architectures and next generation console architectures and future architectural trends."

The careers section of Avalanche Studio's website is littered with job postings for presumably unfilled positions, yet it's unclear how many of these roles will be dedicated to developing for next gen consoles. I was able to find two listings that specifically call for help on next gen engines: Build Engineer and Engine Programmer. Other job listings spread across Avalanche's New York, Stockholm, and Malmö locations include calls for character and gameplay programmers, concept and technical artists, animators, and a ton of other game development experts.

If you haven't yet, read through Josh West's conversation with Avalanche Senior Game Designer Loke Wallmo about how the studio worked with id Software to control the chaos in Rage 2.

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