Just Cause 3 gets mechs on June 3, because that's the one thing it was missing

Just Cause 3 will expand Rico's arsenal of destruction on June 3, when season pass holders get access to the Mech Land Assault DLC. Even if you've never played a Just Cause game, it shouldn't be hard to guess what this extra content contains; mechs. Glorious, glorious mechs.

The mechs will be drivable anywhere on the map, and you can even call one in as an ally if a firefight is getting too heated. But really, the biggest bonus granted by these mechanical marvels are the gravity cannons attached to their arms. Using these, you'll be able to move entire structures, pull helicopters from the sky, or toss tanks around like they're mere toys.

Mech Land Assault is the second DLC in the Air, Land and Sea Expansion Pass. If you're not a season pass holder, these robotic ravagers will be available one week later, on June 10. 

Sam Prell

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