Journey ahead for Fraser

Those who love the classics, shield your eyes. Anyone with a nasty itch about Hollywood pinching all their ideas from books, games and other previously trodden territories, avert your gaze now…

New Line are developing an update of Jules Verne's classic tale Journey To The Centre Of The Earth, starring Mummy Returns beefcake Brendan Fraser… using 3-D technology.

Journey 3-D will focus on Fraser as a geologist who, after discovering a mysterious message hidden within an artifact, drags his son on an epic adventure into a treacherous and mesmerising undiscovered world.

The movie will be shot in live action by debut helmer Eric Brevig, with the landscapes and various creatures created via high-definition, photo-real 3-D technology. Brevig's CV boasts an Oscar for his visual effects wizardry on Arnie's Mars mind-twister, Total Recall.

Fraser, also on board to produce, will be reading from a script by High Fidelity scribbler D.V. DeVincentis.

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