Joss Whedon & Nathan Fillion Do Shakespeare

Mysterious new project suggests that Firefly, Buffy and Angel players have shot Much Ado About Nothing… but when?

Quite when Whedon found time in his Avengers schedule to shoot this is unclear (as is where a snorkeling man with a cocktail fits into the Shakespeare play), but a mysterious tweet by Nathan Fillion last night led his followers to the above announcement.

At first, there was speculation it may all be some elaborate hoax, but then Emma Bates (who is apparently playing Ursula), Sean Maher and costume designer Shawna Trpcic also Tweeted confirmation that the project was kosher.

Posters on Whedonesque have also discovered that Jenna Tucker will be doing make-up and that filming was completed yesterday. There is also speculation that a there will be a major announcement later today. So hopefully everything will become shiny then.