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Joseph Gordon-Levitts Premium Rush trailer speeds online

The first trailer for Premium Rush has arrived online.

Starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt as a daredevil bike courier, Premium Rush is directed by David Koepp, who’s probably better known as a blockbuster writer ( Jurassic Park , Mission: Impossible , Spider-Man ) than a director ( Stir Of Echoes , Ghost Town ).

Could Premium Rush change that though? Considering he’s made cycle couriering actually look quite cool, the answer could possibly be yes.

JGL is the delivery boy who ends up wishing he hadn’t taken responsibility for one particular parcel when he ends up with Michael Shannon’s seedy cop on his tail.

There’s frenetic action aplenty, neat visuals, and Gordon-Levitt being all cool and stuff, so this has the potential to be a dark horse of the 2012 multiplex scene.

Check out the trailer here:

Premium Rush opens 3 February 2012.