Johnny Knoxville goes back to stunts and Robin Williams returns to the radio

Yes, as the headline suggests it’s something of a return for the two stars. Johnny Knoxville is getting back together with his insane Jackass crew - including Bam Margera, Steve-O and Chris Pontius - for a second outing of sick, twisted and hilarious-if-you-can watch antics. The promo for Number Two (yes, very funny lads) trades on the shock and outrage caused by the first film and then promises a whole lot more of mostly the team trying to hurt themselves. And succeeding. Knoxville blindfolded and struck by a bull? Check. An attempt to pull a tooth with a car? Check. Shopping trolley speeding madness? Check.

It looks like exactly what it’ll be, so if you loved the original, you’ll be in heaven. Check out the short teaser by clicking here .

Next we have Robin Williams back behind a microphone for The Night Listener. The last time he got on the airwaves, we had the craziness of Good Morning Vietnam from “wacky, improvising comedy Robin”. But this time we’re dealing with “serious, Oscar-scooping Robin”. Collect the set!

Williams mopes and sighs as call-in DJ Gabriel Noone who hears about a boy (Rory Culkin) named Pete having trouble with his adoptive mother (played by Toni Collette). When he investigates, he discovers nothing is apparently what it seems. We don’t want to spoil anything, but based on the trailer, Collette looks to be crazy cuckoo nutty.

Check out the trailer for the movie, which is based on an Armistead Maupin tale, by clicking here .

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