Johnny Depp goes book shopping

The production company is just one of those perks that stars can’t get enough of. But while some hardly ever see a single project headed into development, others don’t stop.

Depp has the oddly named company Infinitum Nihil cranking away at Warner Bros, and thanks to Initial Entertainment Group, it’s getting a special, book-filled Christmas present.

While it’s not clear whether Depp will actually end up starring in any of the following adaptations, they’ll offer plenty of variety when he’s looking for interesting roles.

First up, we have Inamorata, written by Joseph Gangemi, which finds a Harvard graduate student falling in love with the psychic he’s working to discredit. It’s set in the 1920s and Infinitum is currently talking to director Peter Medak about directing an adaptation.

Then there’s Affected Provincial’s Companion, which frankly sounds like something Depp would jump at – it’s described as “a compendium of essays, diagrams and poetry written by Lord Breaulove Swells Whimsy as a treatise on the value of being a refined gentleman in an unrefined world.” Riiight...

Finally, there’s James Meek’s The People’s Act Of Love, a tale set in Siberia in 1919, which finds an escapee from a Russian prison camp stumbling upon a Christmas sect.

And if that’s not enough for the company to be dealing with, there’s already one more book already running through the development factory – Nick Hornby’s tale of suicidal loners bonding, A Long Way Down, which High Fidelity co-writer DV DeVincentis is busy working on.

"I love adapting Nick's writing, and find that even though a lot of his prose is internal, there is a vibrancy in the voice that you can see working in the screen," DeVincentis gushed to Variety.

Looks like Depp’s company is going to be hiring some extra staff next year…

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