John Woo unearths Ninja Gold

John Woo loves him some video games. Loves them so much, in fact, that we reckon the reason Chow Yun-Fat dropped out of Woo’s latest, The Battle Of Red Cliff, was because the director beat him at Guitar Hero 2 and then wouldn’t shut up about the victory.

But such is Woo’s devotion to games that not only is he about to launch the first title from his own company (more on that in a moment), but he’s just attached himself to direct and produce Ninja Gold for Fox Atomic.

It’s based on Warren Spector’s game, which Woo has had a hand in from the start, according to Spector. “The idea actually started with John Woo. He wanted to do something involving traditional ninjas in a modern-day setting, and the idea just resonated with me,” he gushed to The Hollywood Reporter. “I was intrigued with the idea of what happens when the traditional and the contemporary come into conflict. And, to say the least, I was very interested in working with John on a project. I'm just a huge fan."

The plot will follow a ninja warrior with a long, storied bloodline who must confront the Yakuza and the Russian mob’s gold thieving operations. Fox Atomic couldn’t be more pleased if they’d found a magic bowl that gave free sweets every day. “'Ninja Gold' is a great property that is rich in mythology and perfect for John's unique visual style," Fox Atomic production honcho Debbie Liebling blabbed. "It speaks directly to Atomic's core audience of young adults, and I think they are going to love it."

Of course, he’ll need a script before anything else can happen, but apparently Woo is aiming to find a writer who can produce a screenplay in time to start shooting next year, once Woo has completed Red Cliff.

And what of his own video games? Yes, we promised the info… his company, Tiger Hill Games, is publishing its first release this August. John Woo’s Stranglehold is a virtual sequel to Hard Boiled, with Yun-Fat reprising his iconic role. Plus, if that has you slightly excited, be prepared to go mad at the news that Woo may convert the game’s storyline into a new movie. Perhaps he’ll let Yun-Fat win at a few games first, so he’ll agree to star again...