John Cusack special!

Proving once again that he can handle pretty much anything he sets his mind to (except perhaps rescue the odd dodgy movie choice), John Cusack is back with two new films that, while they’re both essentially funny, couldn’t be more different if they were oil-covered cheese and water-soluble chalk.

Kicking off today’s teasing trailer goodness, we have War, Inc. which as some have pointed out over at Ain’t It Cool News, leaves you feeling like you’ve just seen footage from a sequel to Grosse Pointe Blank. Cusack in wry mood? Check. Suit? Check. Kooky love interest (Marisa Tomei in place of Minnie Driver? Check. Joan Cusack as his assistant? Checked more than Checky McChecksworth, the check-addicted checkout boy at Checked Curtains R Us. It’s the tale of a hitman assigned to knock off a meddling Middle East oil minister. It sounds straight forward, but he has to go undercover as an arms dealer setting up a trade show that also will feature a wedding between grungy local pop star (Hilary Duff) and a politician. Naturally, things don’t go quite to plan… You can find that trailer here . Let’s hope the soundtrack’s up to snuff.

Also released is something much more gooey and heart-warming. In Martian Child, The ‘sack plays a writer struggling to get over his recently deceased fiancée, who adopts a troubled child with an unusual belief that he’s from Mars. Instead of trying to kill the brat with the common cold (well, it worked in the original War Of The Worlds), he aims to connect with the boy and ends up forming a strong bond.

With the likes of Amanda Peet, The West Wing’s Richard Schiff and, yes, Joan Cusack, this one should be good for anyone who enjoys precocious cute kids being charming and… Nah, we’ll stop. If you’re still interested, check out that promo here .

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