Jim Carrey and Steve Carell visit Dr Seuss

The last time Hollywood went to Who-ville, it was for a live-action retelling of How The Grinch Stole Christmas. But despite the mixed reaction, the studios have decided to try another trip.

This time, though, it’ll all be in CG cartoon form, which will come as good news to star Jim Carrey, considering how long he sweated under green fur and rubber to play the Grinch. He, along with Steve Carell, has agreed to lend his voice to 20th Century Fox Animation’s Horton Hears A Who.

Carrey’s playing the titular creature, an elephant given to flights of fancy who happens to hear a cry for help from a small speck of dust floating by. He comes to the conclusion that there’s life on the speck and decides to help, despite everyone around him thinking he’s lost his marbles. Carell will lend his tonsils to the microscopic mayor of Who-ville, who Horton can’t actually see.

"At the heart of the movies that we make are the characters, and in Horton, Ted Geisel (AKA Dr Seuss) has created a character with an unwavering moral centre, a charming innocence and a selfless willingness to protect others, even at his own expense," said Fox Animation’s Chris Meledandri, blabbed to The Hollywood Reporter. "Geisel had one of the greatest imaginations of the 20th century, and Jim Carrey's extraordinary talents are a wonderful match to Geisel's vision. Steve Carell will not only be bringing his great comedic abilities to the role of the mayor but also his uncanny gift of finding the humanity in every character he plays."

It won’t surprise anyone to learn that Fox is entrusting this new film to Blue Sky, better known as the people who bought us both Ice Age movies and Robots.

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