Jason Reitman finds Jennifer's Body

When filmmakers find other creative types they enjoy working – and making good movies – with, they often tend to stick together. Think of Scorsese and De Niro or DiCaprio, Cameron Crowe and Tom Cruise and Marlon Brando with food.

So it’s no surprise that with their first collaboration, quirky comedy Juno, riding high on a wave of positive buzz, director Jason Reitman and writer Diablo Cody would want to work together again.

Reitman hasn’t yet decided whether he’ll direct Cody’s latest script. Jennifer’s Body, but he’s definitely producing the tale of a cheerleader (Transformers’ Megan Fox) who is possessed by a demon and starts slaying the local lads. Her plain-looking best friend has to kill her, then escape from prison to hunt down the Satan-loving rock band who caused all the trouble. And yes, it’s a comedy.

"Comedy and horror have always been inescapable cousins," Reitman gushed to The Hollywood Reporter. "They both draw a similar type of storyteller, one who wants to manipulate the audience. Whether you want to make an audience laugh or you want to make an audience freak out, you're looking for a similar firsthand relationship with the viewer where you are pushing them to react.”

With Mason Novick also on board the cast, Fox Atomic wants to put the film into production early next year.

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