Japanese accessory gives your iPhone game buttons

If all those iPhone games look cool but you still have trepidation about playing games on a system that has no buttons, have no fear. Some Japanese masterminds have created the perfect solution.

Okay, so it doesn't actually take a mastermind to come up with this solution. A company called Nosho-An has created... a set of stickers that you stick onto the front of the device.

The stickers contain a series of elevated bubbles that make it feel as though you're actually pushing buttons on a controller. They can be taken off and re-applied as necessary, since button configurations will obviously vary between games.

A promotional picture shows how it could be used in a game like Street Fighter, where pretty much every control will come from a specific corner of the display.

Although it's mainly advertised as an iPhone product, it could of course be used for any touch-screen gaming device like an Android or Windows 7 phone.

If you're waiting for this to come to the US, good luck. You'll need to find a good Japanese import site to get one.

[Source:Akihabara News]

Nov 5, 2010