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James Wan set to helm MacGyver reboot for CBS

CBS is bringing MacGyver back to the small screen, with THR (opens in new tab) reporting that Furious 7 director, James Wan is on board to head up a rebooted version of the classic TV show. According to the report, the wheels are already in motion for a pilot episode, with Wan set to step behind the camera while NCIS: Los Angeles writer R. Scott Gemmill pens the script.

The new version of the show will apparently be a "reimagining" of the original premise, focusing on a 20-year-old MacGyver as he is recruited into a clandestine organisation. There he will use his uncanny knack for creating complex gadgets from bottle tops and cereal packets to avert various disasters from week to week.

Wan had initially been on board to direct the proposed MacGyver movie from New Line back in 2012, only for the project to fall by the wayside. No word as yet regarding who might play the titular hero, although the involvement of Wan should help secure a relatively big name if that’s the way the network wants to go.

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