Jak & Daxter HD Trilogy a thing heading to PS3 according to German Ratings Board

Before Uncharted, there was... Crash Bandicoot. But after Crash Bandicoot (and, again, before Uncharted) there was Jak & Daxter, Naughty Dog's other other popular franchise. The series lived its entire life during the PlayStation 2 generation, coming out with three games before releasing a weird racing game that didn't do nearly as well. Now, rumors are that the three games people liked will be getting the HD treatment and remade for the PlayStation 3.

The news is still not technically official, but it comes from a valid source. The German Ratings Board (geez, foreign ratings boards are leaking games left and right today) has confirmed the Jak & Daxter Trilogy for a European release. The publisher is listed as Sony Computer Entertainment, and the genre is said to be "Spielesammlung," which we're guessing is German for "Involving of guns and ottsels and sort of like Banjo Kazooie." Our German might be rusty, though.

Odds are the game will get the same treatment other PlayStation franchises have when bumped to HD. This means it may have 3D support, optional Move controls, and Trophies to earn to justify playing the games again. We've reached out to Sony and Naughty Dog to ask if either are willing to admit to the game's existence or, better yet, to confirm that it might be coming to the US as well, though we expect that they're going to try to keep this secret as safe as possible (despite it already being leaked all over the internet).

Update: Actually, they said yes! “We can confirm the Jak and Daxter Collection is coming and will have more news to share shortly.”

Hollander Cooper

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