Jaffe: Stop giving Spider-Man dull missions

Ex-God of War director David Jaffe has updated his personal blog with a post about the new Spider-Man game intended for the people who are making it. Come and read this...

"Please stop putting Spiderman games in big open sandbox environments where you swing around and do oh so slight variations on 4 pretty dull mission types (chase/race/collect/etc) and then once in a while toss in a boss fight and/or a somewhat unique mission," begins his latest blog post.

The post seems to be in response to the recent unveiling of Spider-Man: Web of Shadows.

"I LOVE Marvel Comics and I LOVE the promise of games based on Marvel Comics. But why can't you guys make a game that feels like a comic? I don't mean art style wise; I don't mean like Comix Zone with panels and cliche stuff like that. I mean feels like a comic in a story based, narrative way: a game that shows off the OTHER aspect that makes Marvel Comics so special: The characters/story. It's not JUST about the powers, you know. But your games are always ONLY about the powers."

Full rant here. Makes for good lunchtime reading.

Courtesy of CVG

Jun 23, 2008