Jackman is Nowhere Man

If it wasn’t enough for movie folk to gobble up every comic book going in a desperate bid to turn them into films, they’ve now started creating their own projects that they hope might one day crawl from the paper chrysalis as shining cinematic butterflies.

Following in the footsteps of Nic Cage, avowed comics-liker Hugh Jackman has created an idea for Nowhere Man with former Law & Order/Brothers & Sisters writer Marc Guggenheim. Virgin Comics is publishing the story, which apparently is set in a future where humanity has given up all its privacy in the name of security.

Anything else is being held tightly under wraps, but Jackson’s producing partner John Palermo told Variety that they see the possibility for both video games (Guggenheim has penned a couple in the past) and movies. Wonder who they’ll ask to star in any possible pic? We reckon a certain H. Jackman might be in with a chance…