Jack Black goes monster-hunting in new Goosebumps trailer

A new trailer has appeared online for family horror caper Goosebumps, in which Jack Black stars as a fictionalised version of RL Stine, author of the titular series of horror books, who finds himself confronted by the most lurid creations of his particularly vivid imagination.

He’s not lost his marbles though. His Goosebumps monsters have actually come to life, and if his small town has any hope of survival, it’s down to Stine, his teenage daughter and their next-door neighbour to save the day…

Check out the new trailer below…

With a great range of classic Goosebumps characters on show (special mention to the ever-creepy ventriloquist’s dummy), a pleasingly meta storyline and some great chemistry between the three leads, this one looks like a whole lot of fun, whether you were a fan of the original books or are coming in fresh. Directed by Rob Letterman and co-starring Halston Sage and Odeya Rush, Goosebumps will open in the US on October 16 2015 and the UK on 5 February 2016.

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