It's the end of the world for Michael Bay

One of the few redeeming features about dodgy sequel Ghostbusters 2 is a good joke in which Bill Murray’s Peter Venkman cracks that an author’s cutting into his book sale possibilities by announcing the world will end within a few months.

The same might be said of Michael Bay’s latest possible project. Bay, no stranger to dodgy movies himself, is considering 2012, which portents an apocalyptic world event in the titular year.

It’s based on a book by author Whitley Strieber, the man who gave the world Communion and convinced a generation of kids that alien abduction wasn’t quite as scary as Christopher Walken in the nude. Strieber’s tome follows an academic researcher who cracks open a portal to a parallel universe and contacts his own double to try to stop the planetary destruction foreseen by ancient Mayans. The book itself drawn from actual Mayan belief that existence as we know it will end in December 2012 to make way for a new version of reality. So much for healthy DVD sales!

Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci, who wrote The Island and Transformers for Bay actually brought him on this time, with Warners locking down a deal to make the book just before the weekend. Bay isn’t signed for sure yet, but how can he resist another shot at epic filmmaking?

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