It's Doomsday for Rhona Mitra

Top British horror helmer (and regular Total Film contributor) Neil Marshall has often talked about his follow-up to The Descent - Doomsday - a post-apocalyptic nightmare that he’s been planning even before he sat down to write the scary caving film.

And now he’s finally kicking it into high gear, signing up Rhona Mitra to star in the futuristic tale of a country ravaged by a deadly virus known as the Reaper. The infection was so severe and the devastation so total that the entire country was walled off to protect the rest of the world. But when a strain of the killer bug arrives in a neighbouring territory, a crack team (led by Mitra) is dispatched to the original outbreak site to try and track down a cure. Naturally, the mission does not go well and we can expect plenty of blood and gore.

Looks like Neil’s getting the chance to create another kick-arse action heroine. And given his usual flair, we expect this will make Resident Evil look like House Of The Dead.

The cameras start whirring early next year.

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