It's all quiet in the western stronghold as the official Anthem Twitter hasn't posted in a month

After a shaky launch and a number of glitches, gameplay issues, and other problems, the official Anthem Twitter has been silent for almost a month. Outside two retweets about game maintenance, no new content has come from the account. 

It's a disappointing sight as Anthem was marketed as a live service game that would receive continuous updates, events managed by Bioware, and other types of content that would motivate the community long after the initial launch period. That kind of support hasn't come through and the lack of activity on platforms like Twitter doesn't help. 

“We’re looking at it as kind of a holistic experience, and making sure that we’re paying attention to, and doing things that will engage players across the board,” Warner told GamesRadar in February. “Everybody’s got kind of a different motivation. Providing lots of interesting reasons to come back.”

I'm not saying that games need to be updated at a rigorous rate similar to how Epic Games handles Fortnite. The human cost, as exposed by Polygon, isn't worth it. But Anthem launched with a severe lack of mission variety and quality content, which doesn't bode well for a live service game that's supposed to garner gamer attention for months.

Anthem's last update hit on April 23 and it was mostly comprised of UI and quality of life updates and other bug fixes (some of which fixed bugs caused by the last update). EA has said they are still committed to supporting Anthem with their roadmap of new content, although we're still waiting on more details about what's to come.

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