Iron Man 3 LEGO Sets Reveal Massive Spoilers?

We've got our exclusive hands on the first official hi-res pictures and sets for LEGO's forthcoming Iron Man 3 line.

And while pictures of the boxes have leaked in the past, there are a couple of massive spoilers that everyone seems to have missed.

The three sets - Malibu Mansion Attack, Iron Man vs Mandarin Ultimate Showdown, and Extremis Sea Port Battle - all reference key action setpieces from the movie. And it looks like a lot of the predictions we made in our trailer breakdown will come to fruition.


We're warning you. OK....

The least spoilery and arguably most debatable reveal is the Ultimate Showdown set, which - aside from displaying a mightily impressive Mandarin LEGO beard - shows Ben Kingsley's bad guy driving some kind of flame-throwing mechanised tank.

The design looks a little questionable, and as we know Marvel's tired of pitting yet another man in a robotic suit against Tony for a movie finale, we're not going to bet on this being the final vehicle design or battle from the movie.

The Extremis Sea Port Battle (which we glimpsed in the recent trailer ) seems to show a development for Guy Pearce's character that everyone saw coming.

We've known that Iron Man 3 's plot will hinge around the Extremis virus, and the character line-up and image on the front of the LEGO box infers pretty heavily that Aldrich Killian will use himself as a guinea pig, in an attempt to become a super-soldier (just check out the zombie-ish hue, red eyes and veiny face).

Add that to the brief trailer shot of what seems to be a shirtless Killian taking on a robotic soldier, and it's looking likely.

On the plus side, at least Tony'll have War Machine to back him up against Killian's armored jetboat.

Then we have the big one. Every trailer released so far has featured glimpses of the attack on Tony's Malibu mansion, but the LEGO box suggests a big plot twist that should definitely get fans of the comics excited.

In the image, Tony's falling out of an exploding window - while someone in an Iron Man suit hovers above him. Look very closely, and those are definitely a lady's freckles, lips and eyes hidden within the suit.

Considering Pepper is the only LEGO character included in the set, it's fair to say she'll be adopting her superheroic Rescue persona from the comics - but how is unsure.

This theory also ties in pretty closely to the brief shot of Gwyneth Paltrow in the most recent trailer, wearing nothing but her underoonies as she stands amidst a pile of burning wreckage. It's pretty likely that she was stripped down after just piloting a suit.

Obviously, LEGO have artistic license, and we're not saying these plot developments are 100% confirmed, but when you throw in the theories that have been bandied about post-trailer releases, and the images above, it's looking pretty likely that Pepper's going to save the day at some point.