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Introducing the SFX Weekender Imaginarium funfair

The SFX Weekender is the hottest SF ticket of 2010. Fact. But it’s not just an unforgettable weekend of celeb signings and exclusive previews you know. Four huge events, each worth the price of admission on their own if you ask us, will bathe Camber Sands with SF goodness from 5-6 February 2010.

We’ll be telling you all about the Maskerade Ball, the SFX Reader Awards 2010 and the brain-frazzling Blastermind quiz in the coming weeks but today we want to let you in on the secrets of the mysterious Imaginarium cabaret.

The magic happens on Friday night (5 Feb) in the main hall and surrounding areas, right after the day’s jam-packed line-up of panels and signings, including the one and only James Marsters. Entry is completely free to anybody with a full weekend ticket.

It's a mixture of performance acts and stage activities, including Giger-inspired Aliens terrorizing the big top (check out this video clip ) and a galaxy of familiar faces, such as an alien autopsy (this one’s not for the squeamish - see the clip above!) and a rockin’ Frankenstein stage show . Have a look at the links and see the sort of live performances which will be taking part in the Imaginarium during the evening at Camber Sands.

So what are you waiting for? VIP tickets are long gone, but there are still budget and classic options available if you’re quick. They include accommodation remember so you don't have to worry about the last bus home. To book tickets call 08700 110034 or visit where you can check out the weekend’s other unmissable attractions. Remember the Imaginarium is just one of the many awesome activities taking place at the Weekender, alongside a once-in-a-lifetime gathering of your favourite SF stars and exclusive screenings. You’d have to be as mad as Drusilla to miss out.

UPDATE: Event takes place this Friday and is now sold out