Infinity Ward hints that a Modern Warfare 2 reveal may be imminent with these secret pictures of Ghost

A soldier with a skeleton mask looks over their gun and into the camera
(Image credit: Infinity Ward)

Yesterday, Call of Duty developer Infinity Ward mysteriously blacked out its banner and profile images on Twitter without any warning. 

Just 24 hours later - and some fancy imaging adjustments to the two blank icons - fans think they know why: when brightened, both the dark Twitter banner and the profile pic give us a glimpse of one of the series' most fan-favorite characters: Ghost. 

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The image has fans speculating that a formal announcement of a new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 game may be on the way any day now, with some prominent leakers pointing to sometime around April 30 - which just so happens to be next week (although let's face it - a Saturday seems quite unlikely).

In case you're thinking it may be an untimely accident and some poor PR person's about to get a scolding, the same ghost face can also be seen in the Twitter pic, as well as IW's icons on other social media channels like Instagram, suggesting this is all quite intentional, and Ghost's welcomed return will be officially confirmed sooner rather than later.

The rumor that Call of Duty 2022 will be Modern Warfare 2 - which has been swirling around for months now - was all but confirmed when Activision revealed that Infinity Ward is developing this year's game. A month later, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare voice actor Barry Sloane, who voices Captain Price, posted a photo with a prop gun and that reignited the Modern Warfare rumor mill again. 

Since October, when it was first claimed that 2022's Call of Duty game would be Modern Warfare 2, we've seen plentiful leaks and rumors, including the purported return of the infamous General Shepherd for the campaign, as well as the revival of classic Modern Warfare 2 maps for Warzone. It's also thought that the campaign for the sequel will focus on US special forces tasked with taking down Colombian drug cartels. 

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