Infamous 'Florida Joker' who believes GTA 6 trailer parodies him now wants $1-2m from Rockstar Games

(Image credit: Rockstar)

The Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer parodies several viral clips that have surfed around social media, as is series tradition, but one man now believes that his likeness inspired a certain in-game character and is demanding $1-2 million from Rockstar Games.

‘Florida Joker’ - or Lawrence Sullivan - recently took to social media to point out the similarities between himself and a character from the trailer. Sullivan first drew attention after mug shots featuring his dyed hair and face tattoos went viral - and he consequently gained the Florida Joker moniker. The GTA 6 trailer instead features the mug shot of a purple-haired character, with similar tattoos around his eyes and cheeks.

“That’s me. That’s the person they got the inspiration from. That’s me. That’s me,” Sullivan repeats in a recently shared video, pointing at pictures of himself and the in-game character. “GTA, we gotta talk. Or no, you gotta give me like a mill or two,” he continues, “Y’all took my likeness. Y’all took my life.”

This isn’t Rockstar Games’s first time in the hot seat, obviously. When GTA V was initially released, actor Lindsey Lohan attempted to sue the company over claims that they used her likeness for a minor character in the game. Her claims were thrown out in 2018, as a New York court said the character was just a “generic young woman.” Sullivan hasn’t taken legal action just yet. 

Sullivan’s complaints may not be the last likeness-related controversies coming for GTA 6 since its first trailer depicts a Vice City that’s just as chaotic as its real-world counterpart (Florida)

As for the game itself, one former developer said “it’s really gonna look like this.” Also check out the five most impressive things from GTA 6, based on our expert detective work.

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