Infamous 'Florida Joker' reacts to GTA 6 trailer after thinking they've been parodied: "GTA, we gotta talk"

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A man who believes he's been parodied by GTA 6's trailer has addressed the similarities between himself and an in-game character.

At one point in the GTA 6 trailer, a man with face tattoos can be seen in a police broadcast, implying he's been arrested. Some Twitter users took this to be a parody of Lawrence Sullivan, a man who gained widespread attention back in 2017 for his mugshot, going on to be dubbed the "Florida Joker" thanks to his extensive facial tattoos and green hair.

Now, Sullivan has responded to the speculation that the GTA 6 trailer is parodying him. In the TikTok below, Sullivan addresses the audience, saying "You might've seen that character in GTA 6 in the trailer today, you know they got that character with the face tattoos," before adding, "GTA, we gotta talk."


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The story will likely ring familiar for GTA 5 fans, however. Back in 2014, actor Lindsay Lohan sued Rockstar over claims her likeness was used for a character in GTA 5 and an invasion of privacy. In 2018, her case was thrown out by a New York court, with the court ruling that the character in question was simply a "generic young woman."

As for the upcoming game itself, a Rockstar co-founder has said GTA 6 will "push the limits of what's possible" in open-world games. GTA 6 is currently slated to launch in 2025, and right now has only been confirmed for new-gen consoles, and not PC, just like GTA 4 and GTA 5 before it.

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