Impressive Starfield mod imagines a loading-free future for near-planetary travel

Starfield cockpit
(Image credit: Bethesda)

One of the downsides of space exploration in Starfield is that you can't simply fly to different planets. Instead, you manually plot a course and then teleport to your destination. It's an effective way of getting from A to B, for sure, but it's not quite the flight experience many space explorers were hoping for. Thankfully, there's now a mod that makes traveling between planets a lot more immersive.

As spotted by Twitter user @SynthPotato, the "Slower Than Light" mod by 105gun lets you seamlessly fly between plants inside a star system with no load screens. It works by allowing you to up the game's regular flight speed to a much faster pace. We're talking the equivalent of a hundred times the speed of light here. There are also added functions for slowing down and for resetting the current scene should you have any issues with planets not loading.

You can see the mod in action in the video below, and if you want to try it out for yourself, it's available to download over on Nexus Mods. As the modder notes, it's a rougher solution until the Creation Kit releases fully, but it's a chill way to play the space RPG for now.

Technically, you can travel from one nearby planet to another without the use of mods, as one particularly dedicated Starfield player discovered earlier this month when they manually flew all the way to Pluto. It did take them seven hours, mind you, so unless you have a heck of a lot of time on your hands, the Slower Than Light mod is probably the better option.

As well as impressive space exploration, Starfield has received a plethora of other mods, including one that adds Skyrim's iconic 'Fus Ro Dah' shout and a Star Wars Imperial Destroyer so epic that it lags the game and comes with a 21-page how-to guide. Official mod support is on the way in the form of the Starfield Creation Kit, but not until next year, according to creative director Todd Howard.

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