I'm shocked at how much I love Modern Warfare 2's third-person mode

Modern Warfare 2
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The Modern Warfare 2 beta is over, but the discourse will continue up through its launch next month. TTK, mini-map problems, and a new perk system are just some of the features that have divided the player base, but there's one shining star that everyone should be able to agree on: third-person mode kicks ass. 

Call of Duty games haven't had a third-person playlist option since 2009's Modern Warfare 2, and its reintroduction is the best part of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 thus far. There aren't a ton of AAA third-person shooters out right now or on the horizon, so it's great to see Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer is bringing the perspective back – especially when it's such a blast. 

A new perspective

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It takes a second for my eyes to adjust to Modern Warfare 2's third-person mode. The new angle is jarring, and the camo hood on my character's jacket moves bizarrely, shaking and twitching as she sprints. But the moment I run up to a corner and realize how well I can see around it, I'm intrigued – this is literally an entirely new perspective on the action, and a wildly different Call of Duty experience.

Each match feels more dynamic and intense, with a broader field of vision adding a new layer of realism. While the shift to first-person when aiming down sight is a bit rough (I'd love to see Infinity Ward give us the option to zoom in over the shoulder here), it forces me to focus more on hip-firing, which ups the stakes for every enemy encounter. I quickly realize that throwing knives in third-person perspective is a special kind of satisfying, as you can watch your character swiftly chuck a blade and see its entire trajectory as it takes out an enemy player. After realizing that, I change all of my custom loadouts to include throwing knives and spend way too much time trying to pull off trick shots in every match. 

And that's another thing: Modern Warfare 2's third-person mode facilitates a game-wide meta shift. It's not just me swapping to throwing knives; you can build loadouts with a focus on hip-fire accuracy rather than ranged fire, while certain guns are much more useful in third-person than first-person (like shotguns or SMGs instead of snipers and long-range ARs). This gives various players and playstyles a chance to enjoy Modern Warfare 2 – if you want to take part in a sniper sweatfest, hop into the regular playlists, but if you're looking to get some ridiculous growing knife kills, meet me in the third-person playlist on October 28.

Admiring animation 

Modern Warfare 2 screenshot

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Modern Warfare 2's third-person mode also gives us a rare chance to appreciate Infinity Ward's incredible attention to detail – particularly its character models and animations. Watching my Operator Kleo strafe sideways, leap to prone, and ledge hang is incredibly satisfying, and I love how her hair shifts under her beret while she moves about the map. It's also incredibly cool to watch your Operator swap between weapons – a simple animation that we take for granted in Call of Duty since we haven't gotten a chance to see it in over a decade. Slinging a shotgun over your shoulder and pulling out a handgun, not to mention that I'll finally be able to appreciate my hard-earned Operator skins outside of staring at my dead body is also lovely – I frequently shell out cash to ensure my character looks fabulous, but never get a chance to properly see my skins.

The new perspective feels like a shot of adrenaline straight into my veins. From the moment I dropped into the Third-Person Moshpit playlist, I spent the rest of the Modern Warfare 2 beta playing that mode. It feels fresh and new, like a modern SOCOM or an updated throwback to Ghost Recon Future Soldier, and it's exactly the kind of thing Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer needs to stand out against the scores of best shooters out there right now in a sea of Call of Duty titles. When this game drops, you can find me in the third-person mode playlists. 

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 will release on October 28 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC. 

The Modern Warfare 2 campaign seeks to strike a balance between provocation and pleasure.

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