"I'm just going to look like an a**hole" - Don't tell Daenerys, but Jason Momoa doesn't think she'll win the Game of Thrones

Aquaman is very nearly here and while we're more than hyped to see Jason Momoa don his flippers and save Atlantis (and the rest of the world) from some unknown doom, that's not the only thing on our minds...

Game of Thrones season 8 hits screens in April next year and as a Westeros alumni and star of season 1, we're keen to hear Momoa's thoughts on who he thinks will sit on the Iron Throne when we finally get to see the Game of Thrones ending. "In all honesty, I have no idea how this thing's going to end," he tells me. "I don’t even want to predict it because I’m just going to look like an asshole."

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Momoa's apprehension to predict - even in jest - how the show will end says a lot about the popularity of Game of Thrones. He knows that if he's wrong, everyone will call him out on it, and if he's right, everyone will say he spoiled Game of Thrones months before it came out... that's a lot of pressure for someone who only starred in one season of the hit HBO show!

Will he even tell us who he's rooting for to sit on the Iron Throne when the credits roll? Probably Daenerys, right? Wrong! "You know what, I thought for a moment it would be the love of my life, Khaleesi, but I don’t think…" 

Momoa might have stopped short of actually saying he doesn't think Daenerys is going to win the Game of Thrones, but I think we all understand what he was getting at. Half of the fun of the series is that it's unpredictable and as Momoa says, "you never know with those guys [the Game of Thrones showrunners]. I have no idea, that’s what’s amazing about it." Agreed.

Watch the video above to see our full interview with the Aquaman cast and director where we quiz them about what we can expect from the upcoming movie, as well as their favorite one-liners from the film.

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