If Hollywood directors made Xbox One games

We’re ridiculously excited about the new Xbox One console – not least because it makes switching between watching a movie and playing a game easier than ever – with its seamless app switching functionality.

As the line between movie-watching and game-playing gets ever-more blurred, we decided to imagine what it would be like if some of our favourite directors had made some of Xbox One’s best launch titles...

George A Romero’s Dead Rising 3

The Actual Game: Crazy-fun blastathon that allows you to create your own weapons and vehicles whilst doing battle during a zombie-armageddon.

George A Romero’s Version: The granddaddy of the modern zombie movie, Romero prefers his zombie’s a bit more shambly. So, as above, but with a slightly slower pace, and many, many more speeches about how a zombie outbreak serves as a metaphor for commercialism.

Joss Whedon’s LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

The Actual Game: Witty, silly, and awesome – featuring 100 characters (from the likes of Avengers, Guardians Of The Galaxy and Spider-Man) battling evil across the stars.

Joss Whedon’s Version: To be honest, Avengers director / Buffy creator Whedon’s sense of humour fits so perfectly with LEGO’s sensibilities, we’re not sure you’d notice a difference.

Still, with so many characters involved, expect LEGO versions of your favourite Agent’s Of S.H.I.E.LD, Buffy, Angel, and Firefly folk.

Gore Verbinski’s Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag

The Actual Game: The latest incarnation of the popular Assassin’s Creed sees you take charge of pirate Edward Kenway, killing enemies and swigging rum on his way to captain his own vessel. Features loads of sea-battles and cool kills.

Gore Verbinski’s Version: The Pirates Of The Caribbean prefers a slightly more light-hearted tone to the Assassin’s Creed series (which definitely has a sense of humour, but not quite as much as slapstick), so expect the developers to have to mo-cap Jack Sparrow’s swaying so that lead-character Kenway can be all over the place almost constantly.

Also, expect to hear Johnny Depp doing voice-over for pretty much everyone.

Peter Jackson’s Crimson Dragon

The Actual Game: Science-fiction meets fantasy, as you explore a newly colonized planet, shooting bad-guys as you go. Oh, and you do all of this whilst riding on the back of a dragon. Awesome.

Peter Jackson’s Version: Pretty much the same as the above, except without any of that future stuff – this one’s all set in the middle-ages, ideally in Middle Earth. Features Benedict Cumberbatch doing all the ‘pow, pow, boom!’ noises.

Zack Snyder’s Ryse: Son Of Rome

The Actual Game: You control a general named Marius Titus as he rises through the ranks to become the leader of the Roman Army. Stunning graphics make you feel like you’re living through the last days of Rome.

Zack Snyder’s Version: As above, but with loads of slow-motion during the game’s numerous awesome fight-scenes. Also, all the cut-scenes are done in single-takes.

Features Gerard Butler kicking invading armies into the sea, whilst bellowing: “This is Caesar!”

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