I review console gear and this is the Xbox controller I'd buy this Prime Day - save 25%!

Thrustmaster eSwap X Pro
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A lot of hardware passes through our doors here at GamesRadar+, but this is one that really stood out this year - the Thrustmaster eSwap X Pro is bloody amazing and you can save up to 25% on it as a Prime Day Xbox deal.

In short, the Thrustmaster eSwap X Pro controller is absolutely one of the best Xbox series X accessories you can get and will be a tremendous addition as an Xbox Series X controller or PC controller in its own right.

Cutting to the chase, the eSwap X Pro controller is a wired Xbox and PC controller that has been honed and crafted to offer unprecedented levels of versatility and customisation on an Xbox gamepad. However, this isn't just accomplished by unlocking the controller's buttons to remap functions - you can also literally change the form of the controller. You see, the D-pad and analog sticks are in a modular design which can be lifted out of the controller, turned around, and replaced with other units, allowing you to play how you want to play. This removes a controller's design as an obstacle to gaming. 

The latter did happen with me as my 'different' hands made it nigh-on impossible to use the asymmetric designs of Xbox's gamepads. This is now not the case and with the eSwap X Pro I can enjoy all of the Xbox games I missed out on. 

Beyond those of us like me though, the flexibility and versatility of this pad are more than enough for anyone to consider this as a way to gain edges in competitive games, remap controls to uniform their devices, and enjoy the no-latency speed that the eSwap X Pro can offer.

For a thorough rundown, you can read my full Thrustmaster eSwap X Pro review to get a deeper insight into how it performs and how it works (Spoilers: 'excellently', and 'very well'.)


Thrustmaster eSwap X Pro | $160 $119.99 at Amazon
The best ever price on maybe the best ever Xbox Series X controller (so far?). The latter is subjective but the former is absolutely objective - this is a bargain price and the best way to get a seriously versatile Xbox and PC controller into your setup.


Thrustmaster eSwap X Pro | £170 £131.99 at Amazon UK
The lowest ever price for this wonderful controller. For those willing to spend a bit more than you usually would on a standard controller in order to get something very unusual and steeped in flexibility, features, options, and customisation opportunities, this is a real tempter.

So, if you've been waiting for this controller to come down in price, then now is the time strike. And if you've been perusing Xbox accessories this summer and are open to a change, potentially adding something to your setup to gain an edge or make your controls more personalized to your preferences, then this is absolutely the controller to do that.

Of course, such specialist controllers might not be quite your thing. If you're interested in just picking up something more traditionally-formed, then our deal-hunting tech will provide the latest and lowest prices for Xbox controllers below.

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