I never considered using the cooking pot in Tears of the Kingdom to build machines, but it's the best idea ever

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom review
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A Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom player has found a clever alternative use for the portable pot item in the game. 

As highlighted on the Tears of the Kingdom subreddit, the portable pot can be a pretty helpful mechanism in your builds. Using the Ultrahand and Fuse abilities, players can attach two objects to either side of the pot and it works like a ball and socket joint, meaning when used to create things like wheels on a vehicle, the object does a much better job at traversing bumpy terrain. 

You can see exactly what we're talking about in the video below, which has quickly got a lot of praise on both Reddit and Twitter. "Everyone playing this game is so creative istg and I'm over here fusing a stick to a different stick to make a bigger stick," one Reddit user replies. "This thing is better as part of a vehicle than as an actual cooking pot," another says on Twitter.  

Did you know you can use the portable pot as a ball and socket joint? from r/tearsofthekingdom

Now that someone has figured out this trick, it's sure to generate even more impressive creations from players. Ever since Tears of the Kingdom released a few weeks ago, we've seen everything, including a Star Wars Podracer, a fully working Metal Gear Rex replica, and even a controllable mech. Not to mention all the questionable Korok torture devices

In other Zelda news, it has taken one speedrunner 139 hours to 100% Tears of the Kingdom - that's almost six full days' worth of playing. To do this, the speedrunner had to collect 1,000 Koroks, solved 152 shrines, complete 253 quests, fully upgraded 135 pieces of armor, and completed all of the game's dungeons, towers, and Lightroots. Plus, anything else Link is able to do in the Breath of the Wild sequel. 

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