"I haven't been this excited for the future of Star Wars gaming in a long time", says Lucasfilm Story Group creative executive

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LucasFilm Group creative executive Matt Martin has said there's an exciting future ahead for Star Wars games. 

In response to a fan on Twitter who asked how excited they should be about the future of Star Wars games, Martin wrote, "I haven't been this excited for the future of Star Wars gaming in a long time." As Martin goes on to add, this comment doesn't reveal much, but it's still interesting to know that he thinks there's an exciting future ahead for the world of Star Wars games. 

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Lucasfilm Story Group is a division of Lucasfilm that sets the story of Star Wars across media and brands, so it's perhaps of no surprise that they would have knowledge and involvement in upcoming Star Wars games.

The latest Star Wars game to release came from developer Motive with the dogfighting adventure, Star Wars: Squadrons. Motive is currently working on several unannounced projects, one of which was previously believed to be a game set in the Star Wars universe on account of a job listing. The studio later confirmed that a Star Wars action game is not in fact currently in development, and has yet to announce what is in the works. 

Back in August former EA Visceral dev, Zach Mumbach, gave some insight into a cancelled Star Wars game that was said to be like Star Wars Uncharted. With the success of The Mandalorian series on Disney Plus, there's also been some demand for a game based on the show. In fact, one such game very nearly took shape before it was scrapped with the cancelled Star Wars Battlefront reboot, Star Wars 1313. Consultant and author Celia Hodent even poked fun at the idea of a Mandalorian game on Twitter by mentioning the attempt at LucasArts with 1313. 

While we can only speculate for now, it's certainly exciting to think about where the future of Star Wars games will take us next... especially with the recent release of the PS5 and Xbox Series X

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