Star Wars Battlefront reboot was in development from Star Wars 1313 devs

Star Wars Battlefront
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The Star Wars 1313 dev team at LucasArts was also working on a reboot for Star Wars Battlefront.

Below, you can see a tweet from author and consultant Celia Hodent, who spoke out earlier this week about the canceled Star Wars 1313 game that never saw the light of day. According to Hodent, the team at LucasArts were also working on a reboot for Star Wars Battlefront, and it was really closing to shipping when the studio got shut down by Disney.

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It's hard to really put together a timeline of the events at LucasArts based on Hodent's comments. We obviously did get a reboot of Star Wars Battlefront from EA Dice in 2015, but Hodent's comments make it sound as though LucasArts was working on a very similar game just two years earlier, when the studio got shut down by a Disney acquisition in April 2013. It also sounds distinct from the Star Wars Battlefront 3 that TimeSplitters developer Free Radical Design had been working on way back from 2006.

Nonetheless, it's really interesting that the LucasArts team was working on two Star Wars games before the Disney acquisition. We've known about Star Wars 1313 ever since it was announced in 2012, and how it would follow a bounty hunter, not dissimilar from The Mandalorian. Leaks have emerged about the game over the years, including animation reels showing a droid companion, and a screenshot that showed the vast metropolis of Coruscant

The scrapped Star Wars Battlefront reboot, however, we've heard nothing about. I wonder how LucasArts' revival of the shooter would have differed to the one we got from EA Dice in 2015. Would it have had a single-player campaign, for example? 

While there's no news on a potential third game in the Star Wars Battlefront reboot series from EA, we could very well be getting a follow-up to 2019's Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order from Respawn. EA has previously spoken about wishing to make a franchise out of the new series, so all signs point to a sequel to the impressive game.

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